Rules and Regulations

Our platform, Reddy Anna, provides a significant loyalty incentive to thank our devoted users. We have provided a list of the rules and regulations governing the incentive to assure maximum transparency.

First, the bonus amount is uncapped and will be determined by the member's level of loyalty. But, it's crucial to remember that when the turnover requirements have been satisfied, the system can take up to five hours to elevate a member's loyalty level.

If club members withdraw up to two times weekly, they are eligible for the loyalty incentive. They will forfeit the loyalty incentive if they make a third withdrawal.

To maintain the current level of loyalty, the average turnover must be kept constant. The member will be demoted to the earlier loyalty stage if the average turnover falls below the present level for six months. For instance, a Gold Club member will be downgraded to Silver Club membership if their average turnover falls below 1CR over six months.

The given promotions, turnover logics, and all other relevant features are subject to termination or change by Team FairPlay at any time without prior notice.

If a player bets the same amount on the opposite bet in the same hand when playing casino and card games, the bonus will not be given. The average turnover must be maintained at its current level to preserve the degree of loyalty.

Suppose the average turnover declines below the current level for six months. In that case, the member will be downgraded to the primary loyalty stage. For instance, if a Gold Club member's average turnover drops below 1CR over six months, they will be downgraded to Silver Club membership.

Team FairPlay reserves the right to terminate or modify the provided promotions, turnover logic, and all other pertinent aspects immediately and without previous warning.

When playing casino and card games, the bonus will not be awarded if a player wagers the same sum on the opposite bet in the same hand.