Privacy Policy

1.1. Privacy

FairPlay is committed to protecting personal information, and this Privacy Policy is an integrated part of their Terms and Conditions.

1.2. Information Collected

We ensure our arrangements with third-party service providers and online vendors protect privacy.

1.3. Means of Collecting and Processing Data

We ensure our arrangements with third-party service providers and online vendors protect privacy.

1.4. Information Use

We use personal information to deliver services, provide customer support, process online transactions, participate in promotions, and share it with partners.

1.5. Certain Excluded Disclosures

We may disclose personal information to comply with legal processes, protect and defend our rights, or protect the personal safety of users.

1.6. Access

We will update or mark any information to prohibit future use for marketing purposes unless required by law.

1.7. Acceptance Of Using Electronic Service Providers

We use third-party electronic payment systems to process transactions, and we take steps to protect your privacy.

1.8. Consent to Security Review

Security reviews may include ordering a credit report and verifying information against third-party databases.

1.9. Security

We store personal information securely in an encrypted and password-protected database and take measures to ensure our subsidiaries, agents, affiliates, and suppliers employ adequate security measures.

1.10 Protection of Minors

Our services are not intended for minors, and if we become aware of children attempting to access our services, we will not accept their information and take steps to purge it.

1.11: International Transfers

We take steps to ensure that our services comply with our standards of privacy, regardless of location.

1.12. Cookies

Information placed on your device

We use cookies and flash cookies to track user use, monitor traffic, improve services, and show more relevant and desirable advertisements.

strictly necessary cookies

Cookies are essential for websites to work efficiently, allowing users to access secure areas and make financial transactions.

During the registration process,

We use cookies to recognize customers, understand their interests, and enhance platform visits.

On our website

We use cookies to compile data about visitors to our website. Our servers use three different cookie types:

A "session-based" cookie: These cookies help users move faster and provide more relevant information.

A 'persistent' cookie: This type of cookie will remain on your computer for the time set for each cookie. Flash cookies are also persistent.

'Analytical' cookies: The browser allows users to accept or decline cookies and notifies them when they receive new ones.

Flash cookies

Modify Flash Player settings to disallow flash cookies from all third-party content and adjust settings for specific websites.

Refresh Flash Player and your browser to their latest versions to experience interactive features.

1.13. Third-Party Practices

Third-party online sites are owned and operated independently, and any information collected is governed by their privacy policies.

1.14. Legal Disclaimer

The Services operate 'AS-IS' and 'AS-AVAILABLE' without liability, and we are not responsible for events beyond our control.

1.15. Consent to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is exclusive and must be read with our Terms and Conditions and any additional applicable terms posted on our platforms.

1.16. Other Web Sites

Our website may contain links to other sites that collect information from us, but we are not responsible for their functionality or errors.